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    I'm in Trinidad and I have a bold 9700 using a bmobile sim card and everything is fine, connected to the blackberry service and can browse the web etc, what i need is the apn settings for the service as I need to remove the sim card from my blackberry and input it to my unlocked/jailbroken iphone 4. The problem is that the apn settings box is unchecked and the fields are blank. The general mobile internet here is GPRS and the apn is 'internet' but I would like to connect to the blackberry internet which is an extremely fast edge service. Is there anyway to get the apn and apn authentication, username etc for the service as I'm left with a blank apn screen on my blackberry?. note the carrier has no idea I just want to know how does the phone even connect to the service without apn settings.. thank you!
    01-16-11 12:44 PM
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    I think I should advise you to google APN for boost mobile and you might find what your looking for. If you cannot find it, I don't know much of what to do then.

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    01-17-11 01:30 AM
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    Hey Kav, have you found out the information or name they use for the Blackberry interent Service BIS's apn yet ?

    i have prepaid bbm plan. but there is file i downloaded which enables native browser
    so to say i am getting free internet but its the slow slow normal intenrt even though my phone is a blackberry
    the apn i used was the same as yours u had for ur iphone 'internet' bu thats some horrible dialup speed lol

    im trying to find the BIS apn not the regular phone internet
    02-08-11 11:59 AM
  4. dCobraStryk's Avatar
    Yes i have a blackberry plan
    Which allows me to use, Blackberry Messenger and Facebook, twitter etc alone.
    the plan doesnt come with Eneterprise or Internet
    i am trying to bypass that so i can get internet.

    using a modded service book i installed onto it, and the apn of the provider. This is working for now, but the internet is like Dial up or GPRS speed :S
    im trying to get the EDGE intenret speed for blackberries

    my phone Does display EDGE at the top
    02-09-11 12:08 AM