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    I have a Blackberry 9700. Had it with a broken screen and trackpad (the trackpad had a little dent in it and did not work...just clicked... on OS5).
    I ordered a screen, replaced it. The trackpad took a little while to be delivered, from a different source, as a spare part.
    Now, I changed the trackpad but it does not work (in the mean time I installed OS6...).
    Now here's the problem:
    -with OS6 the trackpad does not work, nor clicks, so I can't get past the "this handheld device includes software that is prprietary....bla bla bla...I accept)
    -with OS5, it just click, does not work when I swipe...

    Now my question is, can I find somehow if it's the new trackpad or is it the motherboard? I checked twice the connectors, I even cleaned them with a little brush...
    Under the trackpad it's a thingy like a camera...is that part of the trackpad mechanism?

    Sorry for the newbie questions... I thank you in advance for the answers!

    Paul I.
    11-09-12 08:41 AM

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