1. shozalini's Avatar
    Hi, I need a little help. I inherited a Bold 9700. I have is password protected but since I started using it - with my password protected SIM - the number of password attempts does not reset when I enter the password correctly. This means that since I've been using the phone I have used up 8 of the 10 possible wrong passwords either by missing the right key when typing or it unlocking when in my bag. I tried using the phone without a password but I racked up 100 pound bill just with it dialling itself in my bag. Can I manually I reset the number of attempts when I'm in my phone? I know that 10 is the max number of attempts and I wouldn't like to wipe my data by accident because the attempts don't reset.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
    02-03-13 08:13 AM
  2. jeroen_13's Avatar
    Try a custom lock screen ; like 'slide to unlock'
    You can choose between ; Slide(scroll to the left) , or [ALT] + Slide to the left. The second option will prevent you from calling while your phone is in your bag
    02-05-13 03:11 PM

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