1. jperinger's Avatar
    So for over a year, I had been using my 9700 on WiFi for all of the apps, like Nobex, twitter, etc., w/o issue. Then I was transferring some music through my BlackBerry Desktop Program, which was upgrading, and I updated the OS on the 9700. When I did the reboot, none of the apps worked and the phone displayed a "no connection" message, even though the WiFi connection was strong. TMO must have cleared my BIS ID, because the twitter @BlackBerry account said my handset was not currently registered and was therefore not supported. So, unless I want to use me 9700 to take pics, play loaded tunes, or be a flashlight, it is WiFi useless. Any tips or work-arounds? TMO has a pay by the day plan, but it does not support BIS and I think would not re-activate my WiFi app usage. The cheapest plan for one month of BIS is $50 and I already have a plan with another carrier (CDMA).
    01-25-13 08:04 PM
  2. itsthecheese's Avatar
    Same here. I've been tethering for several years now on a Dell. Last month MS did an update and when my system rebooted not only was I unable to tether - all my wifi capability was going (radio off permanently now). After spending hours upon hours on the phone w/TMOB and DELL they both told me my WLAN card died and I could no longer use it on that laptop. Two days ago I purchased a brand-new Toshiba and out of the box everything was working awesome - UNTIL - MS did an update and same thing happened (expect the wifi was capable). Again - killed my tethering. After spending over 3 hours in Best Buy updated the firmware, reset to the previous version (pre-download), etc ... still no go. So I traded in my newly purchased Toshiba for a MacBook Pro. Tethering is working fine - but I'm still wondering WTF happened on my Dell. Has anyone heard of a MS update causing the tethering to fail and turn off the radio on a WLAN card? Seriously - I've gone gray over this!
    01-25-13 11:38 PM

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