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    I have started experiencing some typing and trackpac navigation "problems". While typing, let's say a text message, really quickly sometimes the phone just can handle it and the letters stop appearing on the screen, but do so in about a second or so. I have the same problem sometimes with trackpad navigation, I scroll through the emoticons, but have to wait sometimes for a second because the navigation just stops. What can I do to get rid of this problem? Also the pictures in gallery load really slowly (I only have like 50 pictures total in 2 folders), but this might be a SD card related problem (slow card)...

    I have:
    70/256MB free space on my phone,
    7GB free space on SD card,
    6.0 Bundle 2949 (v6.0.0.688)

    I even clear event log from time to time.
    01-31-13 05:41 AM

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