1. abdullah1414's Avatar
    My phone is a year old, and I had no problems with it until Earlier this year when a line of pixels out of nowhere froze. It fixed itself after a few weeks, like when I use to turn it off before I sleep, it kept getting smaller and smaller until eventually it vanished. Nothing happened until now where its really common for me to see a quarter of my screen (big lines) appear when I turn it on from sleep mode. I never put pressure on my screen. But it keeps happening. It goes away for a few days and when I turn it on again it reappears and worse than the last time. I have them now I'm pretty sure they'll go away after a month but it really really annoying for me because I can't see what on my screen.

    Please help me.
    10-30-12 05:01 PM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    Sounds like a connector might be loose. Is your phone just under a year old, over over 1 year? I think the hardware warranty is good for 1 year from date of purchase, so if you're within that 1 year, you should get in touch with tech support right away.
    11-03-12 12:21 PM
  3. abdullah1414's Avatar
    Nah the warranty is out, tell me more about this connector thing?
    11-03-12 04:11 PM
  4. patel7's Avatar
    check it out mate , might help u, however the connector is right below ur keyboard , if u press it too hard it breaks , thats when u face these problems , if u check press the connector and if ur screen works fine , then its the connector problem , if it doesnt , then its ur screen
    11-04-12 06:45 AM

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