1. bcaldwell85's Avatar
    But for some reason im like stuck on step 12/12....

    The progress bar is half way thru (seems to be stuck on BBGroups) and has been that way for like the last 45 minutes. Approaching total of about an hour 1/2 here.
    I have upgraded before only with official versions, and have never had any problems. Is something not happening the way it should be? Or am i too anxious? Starting to get a little scared because i havent got any kind of error message or anything. But it says not to unplug it. lol

    Anyone? please help....

    Also: i didnt actually DL the version from the Tmobile site, well for one because it didnt show. But instead it automatically prompted me to upgrade when i plugged it in to DM.
    05-19-10 02:08 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    If you have a lot of groups, desktop manager will take forrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvver...to update the OS. You have 2 choices here, unplug and run the risk of loss of data..(even if it bricks, its fixable) or forget abt it and go to bed and by the morning it will have completed.

    If ya pull the plug, again..you may..or may not lose data..contact and information wise.

    What I do is exclude BBM from the update process and restore via backup from SDCard (or OTA)..that way, you never run into the hassle of desktop manager getting stuck. Of course, this assumes you either backed up your contacts locally...or plan to restore OTA.
    05-19-10 02:45 AM
  3. Enzia's Avatar
    Whenever you reload software if you have not backed up data than u will lose it unless u checked the box auto back up and restore during process. In the option/settings button of the device application selection screen. Slash unless u have a really slow comp then u might wanna use task manager to shut down. Then restart the process. If u have a back up u will be fine. But ppl take note back up under. The back up and restore heading will back up everything BUT media. Pics vids ringtones music etc... You can set ur bb to auto save pics to mem card.

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    05-19-10 02:59 AM
  4. dictoresno's Avatar
    reloading groups for me takes painstakingly long. its well known that this is how it is. BBMGroups always take awhile to backup and restore. just let it run its course. it shouldnt stick on groups for more than 10 mins. ive seen it go that long before just for groups.
    05-19-10 03:09 AM