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    I just found this on Amazon:

    Amazon.com: Premium Blackberry OEM Original 3.5mm Stereo Headset HDW-15766-005 for RIM BlackBerry 8900 Curve, Storm 9530, Pearl Flip 8220, 8300 Curve Cell Phone: Electronics

    And I'm unsure if they will work on my Bold 9700 or not.
    I already searched for the same headset model for the Bold 9700 but couldn't find anything Blackberry verified and I just can't take the risk of ordering anything I do not know its source. I originally wanted to order a regular in-ear headset but I wasn't sure what will work and what will not on my Bold since I already tried several headsets I borrowed from friends and non of them could work except some Samsung branded regular headsets that are extremely low quality. I also don't wanna buy some high-end earbuds from the Crackberry list of headsets that will work on the 9700 because they aren't appealing to me.

    I happened to find these on Crackberry too:


    But because I'm filling up my basket in Amazon to be shipped all in one package to my address in Israel I don't want to order the Crackberry ones, then why will be shipped separately and thus cost more on their own.

    Bottom line, will the headset in the amazon link work for my Bold 9700 or just for the mentioned models in the title of the product?
    06-07-12 11:55 AM
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    Nevermind everybody I found that they are compatible.
    I do not know how to delete threads in this forum o.o
    06-07-12 12:44 PM