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    OK so after some searching on here on chatting with the tech boys at stores i am realizing that the 9700 is the way to go vs. the iPhone. I got the chance to play with the track pad the other day and it was smooth as glass, very nice touch. I previously had the 8310 both red and gray, and am currently using the 9000 thanks to a generous friend. I am due for an upgrade now and was torn between the 9700 and iPhone. No doubt the large display, amount of apps and some of the touch action is cool but typing is a pain in the a**, which is horrible for emailing anything longer than a sentence. I was actually hoping to be persuaded to get an iphone for the large display when it came to the picture display which would be great for me with work, i.e. issues with jobsites etc.. Also the lack of a track ball on the iPhone is nice due to the issue of dirt and dust on the jobsite, I have also replaced numerous trackballs due to the fact im in construction and dirt is always a main concern of mine, but since the track pad is in play I can breath easier on site, espesially with dirty hands. Plus the increase in memory in the Bold2 helps also. I know this has been discussed on here but I just wanted to show my support for BB and say I am staying
    01-30-10 10:28 PM
  2. Oneshortsleeve's Avatar
    My iPhone has become an expensive paperweight. I couldn't be happier with the speed and dependability of my 9700.

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    01-30-10 10:47 PM
  3. noaim's Avatar
    the 9700 is a great phone I really love it a lot
    01-30-10 10:47 PM
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    I hope that you aren't disappointed. The Iphone is a great device and I have to warn you that the Iphone's keyboard gets easier to use. I had my Iphone for about three days before I was typing faster than I have ever had on any device including BBs. I will not lie to you, the Iphone is the best phone overall I have ever put my hands on. I have a BB now because I care more about messaging than multimedia. The Iphone isn't as strong with the messaging, but is top notch in virtually everything else. I love my 9700 and if you get one, so will you. But if you want a large screen, I would go with the Iphone, you won't regret it. This OS coming from a long-time BB user and current BB user.

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    01-30-10 10:49 PM
  5. M.Vanderhoof's Avatar
    Thank oneshort. that is exactly what i was afraid of happening to me.
    01-30-10 10:49 PM
  6. M.Vanderhoof's Avatar
    thats what i have heard dwayne, the messaging is my main concern which is why im sticking to BB. I wont knock iphones achievements except on messaging, email especially.
    01-30-10 10:56 PM
  7. bluz's Avatar
    Iphone is a great device but BB is the best e-mailing device,ever.
    02-01-10 12:15 PM