1. gatorback's Avatar
    I was using my 9700 for work and dropped in the snow (Otterbox defender case). It was returned to me and the screen is white. The phone sends \ receives calls. The display does react (faint ghosting) to keyboard inputs, but is unusable for reading email or anything else.

    Device is primarily used for email and calendar and UMA phone calls. UMA phone calls are really important: not sure I can reload the TMO branding OS on a Bold 9000

    The phone was disassembled and the display was reseated: no joy... Followed this up with the "P-trick". Is there any other quick test that can be done to isolate the problem?

    Any constructive and actionable comments are apprecatied. Thank you.
    01-09-13 03:25 PM
  2. rlfisher's Avatar
    I recently replaced the screen on my wife's BB9700 - it is really easy and not terribly expensive. If you can find another BB9700, you can temporarily swap screens (as I did) to confirm that the problem is the screen and not the board, before you purchase a new screen.
    01-10-13 12:01 PM

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