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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I've had my blackberry for over 2 years and unlike many people until now I have never had any major issues with it!
    But my keyboard has completely messed up. When I press one button, 2 or 3 letters get typed. And the 'alt' button will suddenly come on and hold down when I haven't even pressed it. There's no damage to the buttons themselves, they aren't sticking together, it just seems to be the sensors.
    I didn't drop it in water, the only thing I can think of was it might've been near a tiny bit of water that I spilled, but even then it was only slight. So I did leave it in rice by a radiator overnight, but that hasn't made any difference.
    Has anyone else experience anything similar and knows how to solve it? Or is it time I got a new phone?
    11-28-12 05:16 AM

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