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  1. Penrue's Avatar
    Hey there!

    I've created a profile here to ask a little question, I've searched a lot on Google and this forum but I wasn't able to find the answer.

    Anyways this week I bought a Blackberry Bold 9700 (black) to replace my Nokia E72. I had contacts on my E72 which I synchronized via Nokia Ovi Suite to my Windows Contacts (I'm running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit).
    After that I used Blackberry Desktop Manager to synchronize my Windows 7 contacts (which all contain birthday info) to my Blackberry. So all my contacts are nicely arranged in my phone. Problem is that birthdays aren't shows in my calendar. Only when I manually add a contact (plus birthday info) it is shown three times in my list while his birthday is the 13th of December.

    I would like the agenda to only show birthdays (my tasks are shown on the "desktop" of my Blackberry, I can make a screenshot if you want) and tasks on the day they are planned because my tasks are also shown on the desktop while there are not today or tomorrow.

    Anyone has a solution? Anyone knows why the birthdays of my Windows Contacts aren't shown in the agenda (also not on the day itself and also not when I manually change their birthday to today in the phonebook or change the date to 2010 or their original year of birth).

    I'd really appreciate if you could help me with this!

    Here is a screenshot to make it more clear:

    I've blurred away the name for the persons privacy and "verjaardag" means birthday. :P And you also see the other tasks which are on the 4th and 14th of October...
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    10-01-10 07:55 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I don't use the calendar much at all, it's mainly just to check what date it is. I'mma get the techies and see if they could better your situation. That calendar is misbehaving and deserves a slap!

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    10-01-10 11:47 AM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Common problem with it showing after synch, and you've struck on the correct solution. For the today display, mine will show multiples till I have the screen filled with individual birthdays. Themes are pesky.
    10-01-10 12:31 PM
  4. Penrue's Avatar
    I don't get the second reply... @rootbrian: i lol'd xD but is this fixable or just a bug I need to wait for? Tonight I'll post a sceenie of my new theme the same guy just keep on repeating untill it's offscreen.

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    10-01-10 12:56 PM
  5. Elite1's Avatar
    Sounds like probably a sync issue, as per BigBadWulf.

    Enter the Calendar app, click your MENU key, and select Select Calendar.
    Is Show All Calendars checked? If not, you may have some info going into a different "default" calendar.

    You can then experiment a little by picking each calendar there in agenda view to see which contains which dates.

    If your events, birthdays, appointments, etc, are found separated into different calendars, here's the fix.

    Click MENU and select Options. Highlight (but don't click!) the calendar associated with your primary email address.
    Now on your keypad type the word "move." Yes literally press the 4 letters M O V E and the option to combine your calendars will appear. Make sure this says the email addy you want it to, or cancel if it doesn't. (If it doesn't post back about it—different solution.)
    10-01-10 01:31 PM
  6. Penrue's Avatar
    I'll try it within a few hours.. Working now. XD Abyways thanks for the help and I hope it works!

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    10-02-10 03:18 AM
  7. Penrue's Avatar
    Ok so this is the screenie of my new theme as you can see the birthday just keeps on repeating to the end and when I add a new contact and add a random date of birth it will show both like:

    A's birthday
    B's birthday
    A's birthday
    B's birthday

    And so on, the screenie:

    I've tried your way elite1, I have my e-mail's calendar and my Facebook (which contains nothing) but it it possible to create a "contact" or "phone book" calendar?

    I still don't now why the birthday IS shown when I manually add contacts in my Blackberry but birthday aren't shown when it's from the Windows Contacts. :S
    10-02-10 06:15 AM