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    As of yesterday afternoon on my BlackBerry 9700, my device has been acting really weird. Today I came to the conclusion that it is my battery that may be screwing up (by random thought). What is happening is sometimes when I turn the device on/reset the device there is a random white blurry screen or a glitchy screen that 'moves' everything around when I scroll with the mousepad. If I'm descriptive enough, has anyone had a similar problem/this exact problem? I would like to know ASAP before I go out buying a new battery or phone or anything.

    Here is a picture of the glitch/bug.
    Attached Thumbnails Battery or Device Glitch???? BBBold9700-glitched-blackberry.jpg  
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    02-06-13 01:04 PM
  2. auto208562's Avatar
    The WSD is very common for the 9700. If you do a search under 9700 forum, you will see it pop up once in a while.
    02-07-13 01:38 AM

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