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    My phone BB Bold 9700 is turning off automatically. my phone lights up. show the home screen, ask for current date and time. and reboot again. small led blinks everytime after this. then, it reboots, slowly dragging through the process status bar, when it completely fills the status bar, the red led blinks again, shows the home screen, confirms the time and reboots again... endless process.

    I tried these already.
    1) taking out battery and putting it back.
    2) cleaning all battery and phone parts(especially brass ones)
    3) removing the battery while its pinned to the charger.
    4) reloading the software using bbsak.
    5) reloading the software using bdm.

    nothing seems to work.
    some one said loose battery, or drained battery may be a reason, but in my opinion(which may be wrong), loose battery doesnt seem to be a reason, cuz its loading till the end and then rebooting..

    please help me solve this problem.

    12-11-12 05:02 AM
  2. randeramit's Avatar
    Adding strange things. i m fiddling with my mobile since morning.
    Something funny has happened. after i reinstalled the software, my mobile network was off, and surprisingly my phone didn't go into the reboot cycle. then i did the unavoidable mistake thing; turned on the network, network selected, data services started, and after a second it went again into the rebooting cycle.
    I fiddled a little more and after few reboots, i hurriedly turned off the network and the phone did not reboot. Confused, i turned on the network again and it again went into the loop.
    Later, i again turned off the network, turned off the data services and turned on network(without data services) and my phone is no longer rebooting.

    The phone is not rebooting anymore but what is the use of a blackberry without the data services. What has gone wrong? Any help?
    12-11-12 06:20 AM

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