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    I haven't seen a theme like this yet.
    Hey guys and girls. I'm releasing this theme for FREE.

    Basically here's the deal... You download the free version.
    It has ALL of the icons themed. All 70 Icons are in text version.
    As well as themed Battery Signal/Unread Icons/Wifi/Signal meters.
    If you decide that you LOVE the theme and want to Donate and do donate I will make the icons ANY color that you want! Also, I will theme the Call screen/Lock screen/Any Screen Background to your choice and send you the OTA download and will try to fulfill any requests I can (I can't do Svg so I'm Sorry In Advance). Simply send me a p/m with the donated email address and we're golden.
    I'll make changes to this theme also as I LOVE how it came out.

    I was going to make it "Premium" because.. well.. I never get donations lol and it's not easy making the themes. Half of all donations will go to AJC3 as he made the svg for me. So anything is appreciated if you fancy it.
    I don't have time at the moment to make any drastic changes such as Svg/Reorganizing/Rebuilding as I am about to start a 7 Day straight work week. That's why I decided to release the theme today.
    I still have people testing and I will address the concerns as soon as I can.
    All Icons are themed! 100%, Every application icon is custom.
    5.0 Transitions!
    Custom Status Icons/Battery/Signal Meters

    08-30-10 06:15 PM