1. goku2100's Avatar
    I just wiped by Blackberry 9650 and I'm not only looking for an OS that is good for tethering w/o the BIS service but also wanted to know if my installation of a Sprint OS disabled tethering on my phone which lead me to wiping it... (I used to be able to tether but now I can't) I've used official releases of OS6 and found that it ruined my internet connectivity on my phone and so I downgraded to OS5 for Sprint but I think that made my tethering no longer work... So, should I use a hybrid OS5 release or is someone able to find me a verizon OS5 release?
    12-04-12 05:46 PM
  2. goku2100's Avatar
    I reinstalled the OS and used an Alaska Wireless version which resolved the tethering issue. Everything works fine now and I even updated the OS further via the Blackberry Desktop manager to I just wish I could get rid of that damn problem where when there is slightly poor signal, about half the time when initiating a data connection, it will try to connect through emgsm.vzw3g.com instead of wap.cingular....
    12-29-12 06:00 AM

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