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    After watching jaydee and her reticence to upgrade, I finally decided if she could it I could do it. So I did - Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650/ It was relatively painless, but on BES there's an extra 45 minutes I'd forgotten about where it does the enterprise activation/sync after the upgrade is finished.

    Of course for the time being I can't figure out where anything is :-) there are several gremlins and I'll search CB to see if I can find out how to fix 'em:
    • AppWorld disappeared even though it reports being installed (yes, I have painstakingly inspected every folder, checked "Show All," did a battery pull, and resent service books).
    • Same with PDF to Go
    • As some others have reported, SYM key doesn't work in Docs2Go
    • Weatherbug icon doesn't display weather info (app is working but icon isn't)
    • Apps that use the media card for their databases have lost lock with the media card and don't seem to know they should find data there (Barnes & Noble NOOKReader, YouVersion, FlightView)

    Altogether not too bad.

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    03-14-11 08:50 PM
  2. pr1nce's Avatar is solid. I don't know anything about BES. I hope you get the issues worked out.
    03-14-11 10:54 PM
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    BES "synchronization" (if you've previously activated that PIN) takes anywhere from < 5 minutes (quick re-sync) to over an hour (pausing in random places like address book, service books, calendar, and so forth).
    03-15-11 10:42 AM
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    Most of the issues have been resolved:
    Downloaded AppWorld and now it appears and works
    Downloaded PDF to Go 2.0005(105) and it works
    Unlocked Barnes & Noble NOOKbooks and re-downloade the books for freed
    Weatherbug started working after about 12 hours
    YouVersion worked after a battery pull
    Downloaded Docs to Go 2.0005(105) but unfortunately the SYM key still doesn't work. Will head over to another thread and see if there's something I missed.

    All in all, I'm happy with OS6 and haven't found anything that irritates me except I really wish there were a tray customization feature.

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    03-16-11 09:08 PM
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    blackberry 8530 can upgrade to OS 6.0?
    01-16-13 02:58 PM