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    I have a bb cure 8530 and a bb 9650. The cure I got from a pawn shop it still has an active account on it. Who's I donno. But it works. Now, I'm wondering if I can use bb dm to switch that account over to the 9650 with out worries and use that account on my bold and stop using the curve. Does it transfer the phone number and all the services books and everything to the other phone and what are the chances the carrier will find out if so I'm wondering if they'll cancle this account as it seems to still be open as the carrier sent a request to continue ring back tones.the only problems I've had was when I upgraded app world and lost it, maps don't work, and it searches for a net work a lot but I can use calling, sms and mms and network for browsing.and how do I follow my own thread so I can check it for answers?
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    02-29-12 09:20 AM
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    It can not be done simply using BB DM (at least with Verizon), you will need to call and activate the Bold on the existing line. To transfer to number from the Curve to the Bold you would need account manager information including a password.
    As you do not appear to have that information, I do not think you will be able to do what you desire (steal phone service from someone else on your Bold).
    02-29-12 09:40 AM
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    I'll have to agree with JST on this one. I hope you're not stuck with a phone you cant use??? Around here, the service has to be cancelled and the phone should be in good standing before a pawn shop takes it. Good luck getting it activated

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    02-29-12 11:57 AM
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