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    ((Before beginning, you need to know that it is not possible to re-program the unlock button on a Bold 9650. While pressing "*/A" and programming the left/right convenience keys (via Options->Device->Convenience Keys) can lock the device, there is no alternative way to unlock it. So you are stuck with the lock/unlock button. That being said...))
    The lock/unlock button actually most likely isn't broken. The problem is that there is a rubber-like pellet (see photo below) that buffers the casing from the actual button that makes contact on the BB's circuit board. If pushing the lock/unlock button is difficult--or worse, non-responsive--what most likely happened is that the rubber pellet has slipped a little bit, and needs to be slid back into place.

    Thus, a minor surgery is needed. But don't be scared off just yet! I just did the surgery myself, and it is quite painless (in terms of frustration, even for the mechanically challenged).

    First, look at and study segment 1:30-1:50 in the YouTube video link:

    Be sure to really study the motions employed to "lift" the piece, in order to release the two fasteners. You don't have to take the whole piece off; with the fasteners lifted, there is just enough space to fiddle and re-position the rubber pellet.

    NOTE #1: Since I am inexperienced, and didn't use the right tool (that provided enough "lift" motion), I actually broke the fasteners. But not to worry! The adhesive strip below is quite strong, and thus the piece doesn't really move (unless you try prying it back). If you use the correct tool (pic posted below), you can avoid my fate.

    NOTE #2: Notice the broken fasteners in the pic below :-/ But also notice the leverage (considerable, actually) I had to exert to lift the piece to snap a picture. Even with the broken fasteners, the piece is 98% sturdy in place

    NOTE #3: If you are looking for the yellow tool (pictured below), put in "hard cover snap-on case removal tool" in the browser search box. Notice how it juts out just a bit at the end/nose. This allows the tool to "grab" and provide that "lift" motion.
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    just saved me from 2 months worth of aggravation.
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    11-08-11 09:09 PM
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    Wow...that was so easy! Many many thanks!
    11-14-12 04:16 PM
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