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    Almost two months ago, I purchased an unlocked (verizon) bold 9650.
    When it came in my possession, it had a Software (OS) 5, I upgraded it to 6, and few days later downgraded to 5.

    During that point I had no trouble whatsoever with Vodafone India, and BSNL (both GSM) (except that I couldn't use BIS, not an issue, as I've one official "non branded" bold, and Q5).

    Currently, I can use vodafone GSM without any problems. If I go in Settings>Mobile networks, I can see three options under "Network Technology": GSM/UMTS, 1XEV, and Global.

    If I choose 1XEV, then my network's name (Vodafone India) disappears. I get no name at all, and I get the triangular symbol of "roaming". I get network, full coverage/bars. If I make an outgoing call then a recorded voice tells me to "contact Reliance (CDMA - India) to resume service.

    I acquired a Tata Indicom's CDMA SIM card, but after inserting it, if I choose 1XEV, or Global as network, then sometimes it shows Vodafone as carrier in settings with SOS signal instead of bars, and sometimes similarly Tata Indicom with SOS.

    Later, I made some changes in "CDMA Service Edit Screen" (it appears after dialling ##000000, and send/call button). After making these changes (changed Mobile Country Code [not ISD code]), now the recorded voice says "the number is not reachable", no matter which number I dial, even invalid/3-4 digit numbers. That is a change.

    I downloaded the OS of Tata Indicom from official website of BB, but the BB Loader, or BBSAK couldn't load it in the device, even after a clean wipe, and deleting "vendor" file.
    I tried to load many OS from different carriers, but only the OSs from verizon could be loaded.

    (Tata OS: https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=00003E3B9E5336685200AE85D21B4F5E

    Verizon OS: https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=1DBA5EED8838571E1C80AF145184E515 )

    So, basically, my question is, how to use this phone over Tata Indicom's CDMA network?
    01-17-15 02:52 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    CDMA will only work for the carrier the phone is branded to, with rare exception flashed at the new carrier, usually at a high price.
    01-18-15 08:34 AM

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