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    I was able to set up my new email addresses, but unable to get the privious owners yahoo mail accout form showing up on the phone i went setting and tried to delete accounts, but only let me delete his Aol. account and not his Yahoo account. How do I get it off. The phone has been switched over and is in my name.
    11-23-10 04:33 PM
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    Go into your Service Book and look for a service book labelled "emailaddress (yahoo) [CICAL]" and emailaddress(yahoo) [CMIME]. Delete these and it should remove his email from your phone.

    Options > Advanced Options > Service Book

    Just make sure you don't accidently delete yours if your using yahoo as well. If you end deleting yours just go to menu and register now.

    Otherwise wipe the phone with BBSAK and reinstall the OS.
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    11-23-10 05:38 PM