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    I still have my Bold 9650 that I use to keep my contacts, calendar etc updated on two laptops using wired sync and Desktop Software
    Update : I just remembered how this started : this all started when I got the error message 0x80040fb3 while syncing my contacts/address book . Went through the suggested export to CSV and then import back. Reset to original specs etc .

    Lately it went nuts . It would not sync my contacts properly and I went through a whole process of resetting it after a back up , backing up restoring etc and now it shows contacts as default,and all my calendar items in default and again in my Cical Email. It hides the contacts unless I click on view all. Plus the contacts sync option is greyed out .
    I restored it to March 11th and the address book in backups is greyed out but had 769 contacts. All future backups show no contacts !
    Help how do I start to reconstruct my Bold just to sync info in outlook on two laptops . Don't use it as a phone anymore. More like a PDA
    Syncing it with 2 WIN 7 laptops .
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