1. hereticalhermit's Avatar
    I have a crackberry 9650, use it mostly as an mp3 player. No service, just wifi. Two questions here:
    (1) I do not have a blackberry account, and wish to download games and other apps (specifically, I want to be able to use the gps feature to see where I am or to mark areas I wish to return to, even if that means doing so and then returning to an area with wifi in order to read it) without going through the RIM service, and via wifi.
    (2) I like to visit craigslist and have problems with certain radio buttons not working with my device, such as the one to let me see the "desktop" view of the screen. Tried clearing cache already, most other buttons work properly. Any ideas?
    Please do not make silly suggestions such as getting a more modern device, or anything else which will cost money...my situation is what it is, and the use for which I use (or hope to use) this device are uses which simply fit my particular needs in the manner in which I need them met.
    10-09-16 08:41 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    only way to add some apps or games would be to find the bar files and load them i guess. Wouldn't be anything updated tho
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    10-12-16 01:42 PM

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