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    I bought an unlocked blackberry bold 9650 on Ebay, but I have problems connecting to the 3G network.
    I live in Aruba and here we have two network service providers(Setar and Digicel). EDGE and 3G is working fine on digicel, but on Setar only EDGE works. The blackberry symbol next to the 3G comes for about 5 seconds then disappears(while on Setar). Setar uses 850 and 2100mhz for their 3G, so it is compatible with the 3G frequency of the phone. So what else could be the problem? Also when I'm on setar and I try to register on the wireless network it will only register if I set the connection to 2G. If I try to register to phone on the wireless network while on 3G it will not go.
    05-22-14 03:50 AM
  2. raino's Avatar
    The 9650 does not have the 850 MHz 3G band. Maybe you're in an area where Setar has a 850 MHz 3G network and that's why it's only showing 2G.
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    05-22-14 10:44 AM

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