1. donnation's Avatar
    I have this theme on my Bold and I love everything about it. The font, the wallpaper, the icons. It is from elecite.com and is the iBerry theme.

    The only thing I would like to change is to remove the messages from the today and have 4 or 5 calendar entries on the screen.

    Here is a screenshot or it can be seen at elecite.com:

    09-25-09 12:44 AM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    Have you sent an email to Elicite to see if they would offer that minor tweak? That would be the most appropriate since they would be the only ones with the source files.
    09-25-09 09:11 AM
  3. donnation's Avatar
    Yes, I sent them one this morning. I hope to hear back from them, that would be great!
    09-25-09 11:21 AM