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    my first theme inspired by the rockers team windows black edition is up on mobihand for all those interested in a high quality theme.

    Windows 7 RT Black - Themes BlackBerry Apps
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    04-30-10 01:25 PM
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    05-04-10 01:31 PM
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    OOH I smell scandal
    05-04-10 01:36 PM
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    my theme is based on a rockers team windows release.. and so does his, but mine isnt broken like his. his dialogs are too big and will cut off any scrolling list. my home screen is clean without all the extra hotspots that look very ugly when hovered over.

    my wife found his and bought it just about the time i was uploading my theme. so i was able to see the differences. mine is alot cleaner looking is many aspects. she is now using mine instead.

    nothing wrong with competition. there are many themes out there that are very close in design to each other, and they all do well if they are designed and constructed properly.
    05-05-10 07:57 AM