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    I have made a Zen theme with a makeshift YouTube application. Basically it is a web link that connects to VuClip. I have made it with two icons that change when you hover over it.

    It looks pretty cool but the only things that spoil it are the little web image that Plazmic puts over the icon and the "Web Link:" pretext that is displayed when you hover over it. Are there any ways to remove these two?
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    04-16-09 05:20 PM
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    04-16-09 07:20 PM
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    also been wondering about this.
    Is there anybody who knows how to get ride of the "weblink:" part???
    06-17-09 08:29 AM
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    Try the theme developer's forum, you can most likely get a much better response there.
    06-17-09 08:31 AM
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    and dont forget to report back in here.. haha
    06-17-09 12:56 PM