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    So....I upgraded to .185 this afternoon and everything was going fine....until a few minutes ago, the Bold froze. I rebooted (alt,right shift, delete) and my icons ended up all over the place in a different order! The Messages icon and the two icons for my two email accounts were completely missing. I rebooted again and got 6 Uncaught Exception errors. Rebooted again...same thing. So I pulled the battery and everything turned out ok, all icons were where they were supposed to be. I rebooted again and got the eception errors again resulting in the same icon mess.

    Decided to switch themes and try the whole thing over. Switched to Precision AT&T, rebooted, no problems, everything okay. Switched back to Precision Silver (theme where I had the original problem), rebooted.......no exception errors, no problems whatsoever! Hmmm!

    Do you all think think is just a software glitch-type, one time problem? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any cause for serious concern?

    Thanks in advance!

    Correction: Title should read "Upgrade to .185 Theme Weirdness" : )
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    11-13-08 02:54 AM
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    did you do a backup before upgrading?

    if so, keep the new os and restore your backup

    problem should be solved.

    as for the email icon, resend your address book via BIS website
    Yes, I did the backup. Everything seems to be running just fine now, no more errors, etc. Hmmm. Thanks for the help.
    11-13-08 12:42 PM