1. Marc21's Avatar
    Hi there i was just wondering
    if it would be possible for you to create a custom one theme?

    The basic outline of what i would like if it could be done if possible is :

    1: for the blackberry bold 9000 os 4.6

    something similar to this theme
    Purple Bold Today OS 46
    Blackberry 9000 Bold Theme : Purple Bold Today OS 46

    Parts to keep : top bar where battery signal clock etc is (really like this) and the profiles on the top left

    The way the calender is in a nice bold font and also the icons on the right where they are on there

    However would it be possible to make these icons customizable as these are fixed?

    Secondly would it be possible to use this background :
    Precision L BlackBerry Theme - Preview or maybe a blue one or something cool if you cant use that one but that type of style?

    For the main menu just the general normal colour blackberry ones

    and finally would it be possible to use the font from this theme below for everything apart from on the calender part on the front? however does not matter if it is this font below
    Setal BlackBerry Theme - Preview

    Thanks very much! i look forward to recieving your reply
    02-04-09 03:50 PM
  2. LittleRedDot's Avatar
    No replies ehh? You'd have better luck approaching a theme designer via PM. If I were you, I would browse through the themes on this forum, pick a designer that seems to have the talent/vision that you're looking for, and send them a PM first asking if they are willing to work on a custom theme. If you get a green light then send the above list. Good luck to you.
    02-07-09 06:04 AM