1. centerfield's Avatar
    I made a Today theme with display for messages and calendar.

    The calendar appears to work fine exscept if I delete a calendar item or sync new items, the Today area still shows the deleted item and won't show the added sync items.

    The message display in the Today area seems to work properly

    Anyone know how to resolve this issue?
    03-31-09 07:47 PM
  2. Cobra1100's Avatar

    Change the theme back to a default one, do a 2 minute battery pull, then change back to the today theme and try it again. This has been seen on some of the 8350i themes already. The ones I've made with the new Plazmic have done this a couple times. I'll report the bug to RIM. I've already reported a couple others that they're supposed to fix in a new release. Hope this helps.
    03-31-09 10:30 PM