1. xunkn0vvnx's Avatar
    Is there a today theme that displays more than 3 lines of Calendar on the main page and also 5+ icons?

    All I need is a simple, functional, and icon refreshing theme with the above feaetures. I am NOT interested in message preview/ crossbar/ etc. on the homepage.
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    12-30-08 02:44 PM
  2. dynalmadman's Avatar
    How about 10 entries?

    12-30-08 03:05 PM
  3. Q1911's Avatar
    I've bought both. Great themes!
    12-30-08 03:06 PM
  4. Air Force One's Avatar
    gotta love the theme descriptions:

    "Accept no imitations, or chessy knockoffs."

    Doesn't exactly give me confidence in the quality of the themes.
    12-30-08 03:14 PM
  5. tsells's Avatar
    JC Designs Blackberry Themes has the best today plus theme for the bold as it shows 10 appointments! It is worth the price.
    12-30-08 03:46 PM
  6. slalom's Avatar
    I have one called "babybold" that shows 10 icons on the home screen and 9 items when I highlight the calendar on the home screen. That might be an improvement. Found it through the themes section here.
    12-30-08 03:49 PM
  7. spleen's Avatar
    12-30-08 04:10 PM
  8. xunkn0vvnx's Avatar
    Still looking... why does every theme seem to have problems?
    01-22-09 11:00 AM