1. AndrePrev's Avatar
    Hi, I have a watch addiction... So, I'd like to get a watch theme done, anything and anywhere from Rolex, omega, burberry, TAG... I like the luxury and bling look. As for the style of the theme I like just the regular 6 bottom icons and the profiles at the top left. I would like if possible have the day righten across the top (kinda like the rolex day date style, photo at bottom). I like the black and white or precision silver style icons... Anyways im willing to pay money for this hopefully we could get something cool... Thanks

    08-14-09 11:00 PM
  2. Rockdog97's Avatar
    ^^^^ that's what i call BaLING!!!

    btw, PM me for details about what you want, perhaps we can work something out.
    08-16-09 11:15 PM