1. hubad4u's Avatar
    I was able to find a themes that has the zip files and now it is being saved in my downloads folder. Now they said that open your DM hook up your phone (usb) then open application loader and click "add" with nametheme.alx file then reboot your phone.And viola..... My problem is I dont know how to unzipp the files, and my files still compressed (zipped) files. Please guide me I am so desperate on these "themes" stuff. Let me know on what part I am missing. Thanks.
    02-13-09 10:05 PM
  2. dmarcus48's Avatar
    Wow if you don't know how to unzip files maybe you shouldn't be doing it. If you have xp or higher do a right click and choose unzip or extract (I forget which) or download winzip (google it).
    02-13-09 10:28 PM