1. tunie's Avatar
    I've searched and searched, but can't locate a theme that includes more folder icon choices. If there isn't one, I'm happy to make my own, but not sure what format they need to be in and how to incorporate them into the original Zen theme I'm using. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for any help...

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    09-05-10 01:34 AM
  2. Ahmi's Avatar
    I can't get into App World right now to check the exact titles (keep getting some dns error) but the 'Bird/Desk' one has a whole lot of customized icons (the wallpaper IS changeable btw) and is free. The HD scenic theme also has quite a few more than usual, but it is a little difficult to get used to imo.

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    09-06-10 08:10 AM
  3. bblover82's Avatar
    If your somewhat handy with things like photoshop, even a little you can use Blackberrys theme studio to create themes for your device and you can download icons just by basically searching google for the type of icon set you want, for instance; 'iphone icons' would work.

    you can download and install blackberrys theme studio from here:
    BlackBerry - Development Tools & Downloads
    09-16-10 03:15 AM