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    For OS 4.6+.

    A screenshot:

    OTA install link.

    PC install link.

    I couldn't find a theme exactly like this, so I made one. I wanted to have a subtle variation of a typical Zen L theme that included two more icons on the right, making a U. I also wanted the standard Blackberry banner with the profiles, carrier, network, blah, blah, blah included. Finally, I wanted to have the navigation logic to my liking. That is, the banner Profiles icon is considered both all the way to the top and all the way to the left. Then, the top right icon is considered all the way to the right and all the way to the bottom. I just like it this way.

    Oh, the icons are fully customizable with yours (these aren't even mine, so I'll post a screen capture of what mine actually are) and the Downloads, Setup, Applications and other default folders are intact.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share. Let me know if it works alright for you (I've only briefly tested it on my phone).
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    I just added the OTA link above. If someone downloads this, let me know that the OTA installation worked. Thanks.
    04-25-09 07:51 PM
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    Ota worked perfectly...thanx ..likin the theme alot

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    04-25-09 08:04 PM
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    Good deal - glad it installed well.

    I may be open to subtle design change requests if people would like. Banner rearranging and the like. Just post here if you are interested.
    04-25-09 08:12 PM
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    Playing around with the simulator and bringing it closer to what it actually looks like on the phone.

    OTA install with white application name font (a bit hard to read with lighter backgrounds such as the one pictured below).

    OTA install with an outlined application name font.

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