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    I always try to push the limitations of theme building, I've learned so much along the way. Now I present to you... "XMB"

    Why, you ask? Because my hands are on a PS3 remote if they're not on my BlackBerry. This is the closest anyone's ever going to get to the Playstation 3's XMB menu, guaranteed. And best of all, absolutely zero lag exists! So go on, try it for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed

    This picture REALLY doesn't do it any justice...

    This is XMB and will be finished in a few days time, you may stop drooling now. So far, the first 3 tabs are done (Home, Communication, Media), which you can check out in the preview. The remaining tabs are Browser, Productivity, Games, Favourites, and Settings. Here is what each tab will contain:

    Browser - launches the Browser, will not contain anything.
    Productivity - Calendar, Clock, MemoPad, Tasks, Calculator
    Games - Brickbreaker, Wordmole
    Favourites - This is a tab you can customize, it will contain any 6 apps of your choice. You will need to place these apps in slots #1 - #6.
    Settings - Manage Connections, Options

    Download XMB Preview HERE

    I've attached the wallpaper to this post, so please don't ask for it.
    02-25-10 12:35 PM
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    Sweet dude! I'm using the preview right now! Can't wait for it to be finished! Looking forward to it

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    02-25-10 10:48 PM