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    Last week I upgraded to .162 and installed one of djmarcox's today themes. Shortly after I noticed that sometimes when I rec'd sms (text) msgs they would literally get stuck on the today screen under the message list. Even after I have read the message it still shows. I've even tried to delete the message and all messages within the same sms thread and still the message showed on the today screen. Nothing worked except a reset or a batt pull. After it booted up, the message was gone, but in less than 30 seconds got another text and guess what? SAME THING all over again.

    This happening to anyone else? Do you guys think its due to .162 or because of the theme? Maybe both?

    I don't wanna have to reset or batt pull everytime I get a text msg...

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    10-07-08 02:41 AM
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    10-07-08 02:54 AM