1. CammieB's Avatar
    I'm looking for a simple today theme that displays Calendar and Messages in 'short menu'....all the ones I'm seeing are for 4.6 or just too busy. Something with original icons. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    05-02-10 01:00 PM
  2. cestlavie77's Avatar
    Not sure what you mean by "short menu" but the SmokedView_HTW OS 5.0 is my favorite by far. It has Today, Weather, original icons, and a hidden dock so that all your wallpaper shows. Really simple, yet functional.

    I don't have enough posts to put a link in.. you'll have to search for it, but it's posted here in the Bold theme section and it's free.
    05-03-10 08:02 AM
  3. CammieB's Avatar
    Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks!
    05-04-10 12:15 AM