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    CHANEL double C spinning hourglass
    CHANEL Font
    No Carrier
    Custom Chanel Double C Quilt Purse Background on Home Screen
    New Messages on lower right side of home screen
    "Honeycomb" icon formation on home screen
    "№5" on the Keylock icons (Perfume Bottles)
    Double C logo BBM icon
    Two Row Application Icons
    Black Chanel Double C background
    Black Chanel Application Banner
    Black and White High Contrast Application Icons
    White and Black Double C logo
    Custom Phone Icons
    Custom Web Icons
    Custom in call volume icon
    Custom incoming call background with black and white double c logo
    Custom Missed calls icons

    Get it at:
    Blackberry BOLD 9000 CHANEL No5 Theme by BLACK SHEEP
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    04-12-09 07:35 PM
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    This just in:

    For all the help I got from the people at Crackberry.com and all the compliments I have received on this theme, I am going to put a coupon on the theme for the bold for 50% OFF for the FIRST 10 people.

    Click on the link, add to cart and when you are at the checkout, enter coupon code:


    Download here: GET THE THEME FOR 50% OFF!

    04-14-09 12:33 PM
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    does this theme come for the 9630?
    12-14-09 01:37 PM
  4. Vynessa Mann's Avatar
    I want this how do I get to my phone .
    01-11-10 10:06 AM
  5. Vynessa Mann's Avatar
    I have the blackberry 9000 and I really love this . is there any way i can buy it and get it send to to my phone ? or are there any other places where I can get a chanel theme for my phone ? please wright me back.
    01-11-10 10:07 AM