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    Price: $1.99


    - Support for Bold 97xx, Tour 96xx, Bold 9000, Curve 89xx
    - Fully functional inspired UI from the best next-generation console
    - Dedicated Weather Slot on Home tab
    - QuickLaunch (space) and SMS ($) shortcut keys
    - Minimalist look yet extreme functionality
    - Custom battery meter
    - Custom Homescreen icons
    - Custom Profiles icons
    - Super wallpaper friendly; able to hide the homescreen UI to view wallpapers unobstructed
    - Universal wallpaper compatibility: looks amazing on all dark AND light wallpapers!
    - 5 user-defined icons in Favourites tab
    - Slick Hidden Today popup for Calendar and Messages
    - Silky smooth operation, absolutely NO LAG, memory leaks, or battery drain. Just a clean, fast theme


    Wallpaper-friendly Example


    7 tabs: Home, Communication, Favourites, Media, Browser, Productivity, and Games. Hovering over each tab will grant access to items contained within the tab.

    To set up your weather application, simply place it in the first slot of your application menu. To set up your 5 user-defined applications, place those applications in slots 2 to 6. Easy as that!


    To see this unique theme in action, please watch the !

    To purchase the theme, please click HERE.

    As usual, all feedback is welcome. Also, feel free to share screenshots of your homescreen, along with what 5 user defined icons you use for the Favourites tab!

    - Vince

    Change Log - (Updates are always free)

    - The message preview font is now in italics for the Messages and SMS inboxes, to help differentiate them from the Subject/Sender font
    - Adjusted colours for menus and dialogs, they are now more suitable and even more visually appealing

    - Theme name now changed to XM-BB to avoid possible legal issues
    - Menus and dialog boxes are even more transparent
    - Fixed dialog buttons to look better
    - Fixed profiles icon focus to look better
    - Changed notification icons for top banner to something more ..."inspired"
    - Changed profiles icons to something more ..."inspired"
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    XM-BB now graces the Bold 9000! To celebrate, take an additional 20% off the already sale price of 4.99! That's right, XM-BB can be yours today for just $3.99 (regular price $5.99), until this Friday, March 5th only! Please checkout with coupon code "BOLDINTRO" to take advantage of this limited time offer =)

    - Vince
    03-02-10 06:54 PM
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    I'm throwin' a special sale for those who would love to get their hands on the theme but found the price a bit too steep. The theme is now on sale for $2.99 until March 21st (regular price $6.99)!
    03-16-10 06:02 PM