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    The new SheerColor Series is a great theme for the 9000 Bold, 8900 Curve, 96xx Tour, and the 83xx Curve! Comes in 4 great different colors! Red, Green, Blue, and White... All of the fine details were paid attention to! As you can see from the pictures, SheerColor has a custom banner, with customer meters (battery, signal etc), along with all new icons, and a new highlight box! You are greeted by a 6 icons bottom zen dock, with of course a 7th icon weather slot. SheerColor also includes a hidden today feature for Calendar, messages, and SMS/MMS.

    With SheerColor you can express who you are with any of the 4 colors! Or get all 4 and change between them daily! Keep your device looking new and fresh with a new color everyday day! Of course SheerColor is wall paper friendly and will allow you to put any wallpaper that your heart desires! And that desire only costs $1.99!

    Of course if there is any customization you are wanting done for your particular device, you can feel free to get a hold of me and i will be more then happy to customize one of my themes to suit your needs! Whether it be a no icon home screen, to getting rid of the hidden today feature, whatever the case may be, I'm more then sure we can work something out!


    - New Custom Icons

    - 6 Icon bottom zen dock

    - Weather slot (7th icon)

    - Hidden Today for 96xx, 8900, 9000 only

    - Wall Paper Friendly

    - Tested to perfection

    - Not a pixel missed

    - Comes in 4 different colors, Red, Green, Blue, and White

    Links for Download:

    09-28-09 08:30 PM