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    Poise - the condition of being calm or serene

    Poise brings a calm clean look to your BlackBerry screen. With all the essentials at your fingertips and yet not having that "busy" feel on the homescreen. Poise reinvents Pootermobile's signature cell feature to add not only customizable icons but a fixed calendar today area. Sharp looking icons will make your screen even tastier.

    • Date and time double as buttons to open Calendar & Clock
    • Text only weather spot button doubles as banner
    • No carrier
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • No transitions
    • Open cell with z close with 0 on keyboard devices
    • On screen instructions for touch devices
    • Cell feature including:

      6 hidden icons on keyboard devices
      4 hidden icons for touchscreen devices
      Fixed calendar area

    Get Poise from the Crackberry store HERE
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