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    Just wanted to post a plug and link for something I just found.

    I am a looooong time blackberry user and was frustrated with the home screen on new bb's where the default is a strip of icons at the bottom of the screen....wasting real estate and forcing multiple clicks to get at stuff. I wanted the precision theme with just 3x6 icons always there.

    To add, I didn't want the top left to be the profiles...because when you scroll top left on a 3x6 you get the profiles rather than your top left icon.

    To my delight, zimplifier.com had one available....but they went beyond and got rid of profiles in the top right for me. Its perfect.

    18 icons on the home screen and the rest when you pull the app screen.

    Call me old school but for $5 I am very happy.

    Can't say enough about the speed of response by Zimplifier as well.

    Ask them for the "Chuck" theme and he will know what you mean.
    12-15-09 01:17 PM