1. cgiz's Avatar
    Hi, I've had this theme for a little while and love the calendar display on the main page. The them displas your next 3 calendar appointments on the main page in the middle of the page.

    ISSUE #1
    Recently the appointments have disappeared but when I add a new appointment i my calendar it will show up. It looks like the theme is now displaying all appointments on my e-mail calendar and not the appointments on my defult calendar (where all my appointments are)

    How can I change the theme settings to display my defult calendar on the home screen as apposed to the other claendar registered to my email address?

    ISSUE # 2.
    To try and fix the first problem I reinstalled the theme and now my SMS/MMS icom is gone. How can I get this back? It wont let me delete the theme.

    Please help...

    08-30-09 12:00 PM
  2. woodman500's Avatar
    First off, if you are using more than one e-mail address, you will have to choose which calendar to use under calendar.

    Second, the icon is hidden in one of the folders. And you will have to go into your messsges folkder and make sure they are selected to be seperate.

    To delete the theme, go to Option, them Advanced Option, then Applications. Select the theme and hit themenu button, select Delete. Once its done, it will ask you to restart, restart the phone and it will be gone.

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    08-30-09 12:46 PM