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    My first theme attempt. An OSU Buckeyes theme for the 9000 Bold.

    Use at your own risk. It seems to work OK on my BB Bold.

    Hourglass is spinning Buckeye Leaf helmet sticker.
    New mail indicator is a Buckeye
    Web link goes direct to Buckeye Schedule
    Scarlet and Gray theme colors through, including volume indicator.

    It wipes out the customized icons for Games, Downloads, Setup and Apps that were contained in the ATT theme, and I can't find a way to include them in the theme using the Theme Builder.

    I don't know how to create the one that loadable off the air, if anyone can tell me I'll give it a try and add it.

    Go Bucks!
    10-02-09 07:50 PM
  2. sh9998's Avatar
    Send me an email if you find it useful.
    10-02-09 08:02 PM