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    I just wanted to pass along to you info on my latest theme - da Vinci. The theme uses sketches from Leonardo da Vinci as part of the interface and icons. All the visuals (icons, menus,etc....) are original artwork (except of course for da Vinci's sketches). The homescreen uses hidden links but also has a customizable menu that shows up when the user selects da Vinci's signature. It's meant to be a classy, elegant theme, with a little bit of a rocker/sketchbook feel. Thoughts/comments?

    available here

    06-19-09 07:55 AM
  2. BenD63141's Avatar
    This looks awesome!
    06-19-09 08:38 AM
  3. Eagles23's Avatar
    Wow! That must have taken a lot of work to create!
    It looks fantastic! Great job.

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    06-19-09 09:46 AM
  4. gongju's Avatar
    Ooooh pretty!

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    06-19-09 11:22 AM
  5. SatanDream's Avatar

    quicklaunch is good

    06-19-09 11:54 AM
  6. D_Town_Tony's Avatar
    Sweet! Thanks for the feedback!
    06-19-09 11:55 AM
  7. Perfex's Avatar
    Theme is gorgeous, how ever it has froze my phone twice while on the main screen, I clicked the davinci text it brought the menu up and it totally froze, I had to reboot

    I clicked the da vinci figure, it went to profile, backed out and click the da vinci text = froze

    Here is my event log after and before reseting

    a System - VM: 600001 gc=0 idle=0 native=NONE - 6/22 02:32:11
    a net.rim.ippp - RXCd 361 - 6/22 02:29:43
    a net.rim.ippp - TxSC - 6/22 02:29:42
    a net.rim.ippp - TXst 245 - 6/22 02:29:32
    a net.rim.link - NKSt - 6/22 02:29:19
    a net.rim.scan - NKLt - 6/22 02:29:19
    W net.rim.scan - CRAf - 6/22 02:29:19
    a UI - GS-D 40c40d41 - 6/22 02:28:02
    a UI - GS+Q2 40c40d41net.rim.device.apps.internal.profiles.Prof ilesPopupScreen - 6/22 02:28:01
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    06-22-09 02:27 AM
  8. torero's Avatar
    Really cool Cool TKS
    06-22-09 09:00 AM
  9. D_Town_Tony's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up on the bug. Ill try and get a fix out asap!

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    06-22-09 02:31 PM
  10. Perfex's Avatar
    Thanks, its seems to be fixed

    Truly this has got to be the best looking the me I have seen, and I am fairly anal about themes, everything is perfect, with the exception of the date,week, and time on the calendar screen, if the font were just 1 or 2 sizes smaller it would fit perfectly, though I am unsure if it is possible or not.

    truly a fabulous theme
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    06-23-09 01:23 PM
  11. BB_Berry's Avatar
    So I'm clear before buying this, the "Launch Custom Menu" refers to QuickLaunch? Since I've found some themes with QL integrated, I've not wanted anything else. Nice work and very creative!
    06-25-09 12:16 PM
  12. Perfex's Avatar
    the launch menu is like a dock for home screen but you can hide it by clicking Davinci, nothing to do with quick launch

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    06-26-09 12:28 AM
  13. deadwifes's Avatar
    Oh very nice work!
    06-26-09 11:14 AM
  14. Iceman's Avatar
    I love the way the icons flow right along with the design of the overall theme. Super job Tony...
    06-26-09 11:46 AM
  15. wendy11's Avatar
    this Good themes.....Cool,
    08-13-09 01:37 AM
  16. wojtas25's Avatar
    Verry "pro" theme. Good work buddy.
    08-13-09 10:22 AM
  17. agirl65's Avatar
    Oh wow, awesome theme! The icons go with it so well, great work.
    08-13-09 12:52 PM
  18. TheGreatGazoo30's Avatar
    Please please please update this for the Storm2 5.0. I'd love to buy this.

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    11-13-09 06:14 PM
  19. ztebockho's Avatar
    Love the theme. Any chance you'll be making a version for 81xx?
    11-23-09 03:30 PM