1. Rhin0247's Avatar
    UPDATE !!!!

    I have created a custom volume meter and Signal Meter, and will upload a pic tomorow

    OTA is here


    So I am working on a new Theme... I am thinking about leaving all the original icons from the bold and working mainly on the design aspect. Once I finish the rest of the design I will get an OTA up for you guys. Here is a screen shot of what I have now.

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    04-15-09 11:20 PM
  2. mlomeli's Avatar
    Very nice start!
    04-16-09 12:16 AM
  3. mdlissner's Avatar
    Yes a very nice start. Are you planning to have a Today Preview feature on this?

    A scrolling bottom dock to provide more than 5 icons would also be a cool feature. I like your bottom block that the icons reside in - very unique. Let us know if you need people to test.
    04-16-09 06:29 AM
  4. zkyevolved's Avatar
    Looks cool! Me likey likey!
    04-16-09 07:32 AM
  5. richv77's Avatar
    Looks very nice.

    Yes, please use the default icons for now and please don't make the font smaller.

    Some themes are so nice but unreadable for anyone over 40! :-)

    Thanks for your efforts.

    04-16-09 10:24 AM
  6. Stitches11's Avatar
    I like it. I really like the top and bottom blocks. Will you have today? I can't live without my calendar right in front of me.
    04-16-09 10:27 AM
  7. zayragiselle's Avatar
    looks really good....

    waiting to see the result...

    04-16-09 04:28 PM
  8. BLAZE X's Avatar
    Looks goood so far..
    04-16-09 06:58 PM
  9. BIDAberry's Avatar
    sweet! orange is my favorite color! :-D
    04-16-09 07:31 PM
  10. Rhin0247's Avatar
    OTA IS HERE.. Download
    04-21-09 03:40 PM
  11. mdlissner's Avatar
    Can you make a today preview version?

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    04-21-09 08:59 PM
  12. kane_kiwi's Avatar
    Love it. Really nicely done. As said before, a today screen would be mint. thanks for the theme
    04-21-09 09:34 PM
  13. Zach7's Avatar
    Thanks for the OTA link!
    04-21-09 09:35 PM
  14. sunder's Avatar
    Thanks for the OTA.
    04-22-09 07:39 AM