1. lholdsworth's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    This is my first ever Blackberry theme, so I hope you all really like it!

    The background was made by VampireJaku on deviantart.com and is GORGEOUS, so I thought I would try and design a theme around it.

    I created all the icons from scratch myself which took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it was definitely worth the effort.

    Anyway, here are the OTAs!

    OS 4.6 OTA

    OS 5.0 OTA

    And if you like the work I'm doing, please donate some money for a hot chocolate to keep me going!

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    01-29-10 05:15 PM
  2. phenyx923's Avatar
    this is really cute, love the colors and icons!! great work on your first theme!
    01-30-10 08:45 PM
  3. cherry_pink's Avatar
    This's really nice! Thnk you sooo much
    01-30-10 09:59 PM
  4. hossann's Avatar
    Very nice .... very cute.
    I am afraid will not be using this theme for long as i may change to BB9700.
    01-31-10 08:02 AM
  5. threedeckstew's Avatar
    love the icon set!
    where did you get those from......
    01-31-10 02:51 PM
  6. lholdsworth's Avatar
    I made the icons myself
    Glad you like them!
    02-01-10 09:52 AM