01-14-09 05:28 PM
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  1. TeLL's Avatar
    I use a macbook, i like mac, i dont like iphone
    I think the icons RIM put out are ugly, and I'm used to my osx icons.
    I dont want to limit myself to using an inferior product, wether it be hardware, or software if the better of two worlds is available
    Apple is successful because it makes things beautiful, RIM is because they make things functional.
    besides, why would you click on a thread called " My Mac Bold (Mac OS X Leopard theme)-version2 Reply to Thread " if you're not interested? to be a little b*tch is why.

    sidenote, how can i install this using OSX? I have it unzipped, i dont know how to port it to my bold though, i cant put it through the media card

    I don't hate any one or anything -

    how many RIM Icons are on the iphone
    none ..

    In my own opinion .. I prefer people to be loyal
    to one brand and use their style if users want to
    create their own original custom icons thats cool
    too ..

    but why use the competing brand icons. Sure the
    apple icons are made well .. but you are only
    furthering the brand by doing the work for them.

    and degrading the brand you paid money for.

    (I need to set one thing straight - I may have been
    a bit too over the top here in my discussion sorry
    this discussion is not directed to any one person)
    01-09-09 01:06 AM
  2. youngspider's Avatar
    any way of getting this for the curve ?
    01-10-09 01:00 AM
  3. jonduran86's Avatar
    Man I'm liking that theme man. What is that little midi keyboard icon you have on there?
    01-11-09 09:26 PM
  4. trueaznballa07's Avatar
    could you export this for pearl users please?
    01-11-09 10:22 PM
  5. mapimages's Avatar
    Man I'm liking that theme man. What is that little midi keyboard icon you have on there?
    the midi keyboard icon is logics icon so I used it for the "music" app
    01-11-09 10:41 PM
  6. mapimages's Avatar
    my themes are made for me first but have had no problems sharing with everyone. so sorry, my themes are for the bold only. hope everyone can understand that. thank you all for the nice compliments.
    01-11-09 10:42 PM
  7. bembol's Avatar
    That's pretty Bold. LOL

    I want this Theme!
    01-14-09 11:08 AM
  8. LittleRedDot's Avatar
    Firs thing's first... If you have that particular view then you should stay in your house and never come out. Every single industry on the planet does the same thing. When one car comes out with this particular doo-dad, the rest of the field spends the next 5 years raping the style. There are two reasons for this:

    1. When a manufacturer/company eyeballs something that is getting attention in the marketplace ($$$$) they want to get a peice of it.

    2. Sometimes people just come up with good ideas and other's want to enjoy those ideas.

    The simple fact is this guy happens to prefer the look of Mac's OS icons better than he does the icons that come with the Bold. It has nothing whatsoever to do with brand loyalty. In fact, the term "brand loyalty" was originally measured by purchases, making your point mute. He is showing support for RIM by buying a BlackBerry. Just because we prefer RIM's devices doesn't mean we should consider everything else in the market garbage if it didn't come from RIM.
    01-14-09 05:25 PM
  9. LittleRedDot's Avatar
    Now back to my oringinal reason for posting.

    Hey Map I installed this theme last night and it looks awesome! So I was inspired to clean up and re-arrange all my stuff, but when I went to create new folders I was miffed by the crappy icon choices that come with the Bold. Do you have, or know any place that I can find some better looking folder icons that would mesh a little better with this theme?
    01-14-09 05:28 PM
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