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    So ive been browsing through various websites this evening whilst working my way through a few brewskies and i suddenly came across this awesome looking theme for the storm and storm 2

    iPad (Storm)

    Is there anybody out there who can make this same theme for the Bold at all and able to work with the OS im running on aswell??

    Your help would be very much appreciated and id be willing to pay for the theme if it is exactly the same as the storm version with all the icons etc
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    02-02-10 03:10 PM
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    So i finally found this theme for most BlackBerry devices on the following website

    Free BlackBerry Themes | Blackberry Storm Themes | Blackberry Bold Themes

    I have got it running now and its by far the best looking theme ive had running on my BB,im very happy with it
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    how did you dl this for the bold...i can't find a link anywhere?!?!
    02-08-10 09:19 AM
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    how did you dl this for the bold...i can't find a link anywhere?!?!
    Searching the site helps:

    iPad (Bold)
    02-08-10 09:34 AM
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    You have to scroll down the page until you see the i-pad theme

    It has all the different models and also which OS your running on etc

    Hope you managed to find it sweetheart as its a lovely theme
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    02-08-10 10:08 AM
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    I would stay away from this theme - this entire site. I ordered this theme over a week ago, and I immediately got an eamil thanking me for my purchase and that I would get another email once the product was shipped. Shipped? Whatever, I thought I would be getting another email with a download link. But thus far nothing. So I sent them email after email wanting to know how to download the theme that I paid for over a week ago, no answer. Finally I got fed up and had my bank deny the charge. Well this morning Themes4BB decided to call me wanting to know why I filed a fraud complaint with my bank. The guy was livid screaming that my bank wouldn't allow any charges to his company until the matter was settled, and that could take months. He was yelling at me for costing him money and threatening to get his lawyers involved. Hello? If you would have just given me the product I paid for? And never once did he say anything about why I never got a download link. I should have known something was up when I first logged onto their site, my computer was going crazy with security messages saying the site was totally unsecure and I was risking financial apocalypse by shopping there.

    Do yourself a favor and shop someplace else. Shame too, I really wanted this theme.
    02-09-10 06:31 AM
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    Thanks for the warning!

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    02-09-10 07:36 AM